We chose DOLFIN due to their high-quality content and user-friendly mode of training. The videos are very engaging and bring all the expert knowledge we need. The Foundations of U.S. Sanctions course was the perfect training solution for our first and second-line employees. The programme received great feedback, and helped our enterprise better understand the purpose and types of sanctions, our compliance responsibilities, reporting requirements, and the consequences of non-compliance with OFAC and other sanctions programmes. Also, the team at DOLFIN was super helpful with any requests made by us, providing a great service.

— Priscila Rocco, Group Head of Financial Crime Prevention, Moneycorp


DOLFIN’S CRMS-GS certification program delivered on the value promised. Its biggest differentiator is that it was developed by the world’s top sanctions and financial crime compliance experts. After completing DOLFIN’S CRMS-GS program, our certified employees are now more efficient and effective in decreasing unwarranted escalations of transactions and assessing and managing global sanctions risks faced by our bank. They are well equipped and also have greater sense of purpose and professional satisfaction.

— Michael Matossian, EVP and Global Head of Group Regulatory Compliance at Arab Bank Group, whose team has achieved the CRMS-GS certification.


DOLFIN’s International Financial Sanctions Compliance Officer (IFSCO) training and certification program is a standard of excellence in the industry. Their instructors are not just leading experts on sanctions, AML, and other illicit finance issues, but they are highly engaging and effective teachers who have been instrumental in helping us establish a culture of compliance via building a community of experts across our global enterprise. Our practitioners look forward to attending DOLFIN’s certification training and yearly Continuing Education sessions, which provide thoughtful scenario-based lessons that we can apply on the job to better assess and manage risk.

— Christiane Hayward, Chief Operating Officer, Compliance – Group Financial Security U.S., BNP Paribas


DOLFIN’s offering is truly one of a kind in the industry. DOLFIN offers a top-flight FCC training and resource solution for enterprises. DOLFIN’s unique combination of customizable E-Learning Plans and frequently updated Resource Center—all developed and maintained by in-house experts—made choosing DOLFIN as our enterprise solution an easy decision. 

— Osman Gabeire, Former Federal Reserve Examiner and Chief Compliance Officer


Our DOLFIN relationship manager is highly responsive to our subject matter suggestions. DOLFIN’s webinars are very useful and responsive to subscribers’ various compliance questions. 

— Katia Marrouche, Head of AML/CFT, AM Bank


DOLFIN is a critical component to our onboarding program. It is the primary way that we get new analysts up to speed on the background and details of sanctions, and how we keep that knowledge up to date. DOLFIN’s comprehensive compendium of expertly crafted content in the FIN Library serves as a great resource for our organization. I would recommend DOLFIN to anyone in the financial integrity arena, whether an FI, a fintech, or an investigative outfit like ourselves. 

— Thomas Ewing, Chief of Analysis, C4ADS


DOLFIN’s e-learning platform enhances the skills and knowledge needed to detect and prevent financial crimes. DOLFIN provides our enterprise access to comprehensive resources and employees have the luxury of completing courses and tests on their own time. DOLFIN enables us to track employees’ progress on e-learning plans customized to their positions. It also makes our staff smarter on sanctions topics. 

Nader Timani, Compliance Manager, AM Bank


I start my day with DOLFIN’s Daily Digest and use it throughout the day to support my work.

— Managing Partner, Global Risk Management Firm


DOFLIN is great for keeping my pulse on critical developments in the industry and for career development.

— DOLFIN Member, Global Bank


What a life saver! The information I find on DOLFIN is exactly what I am looking for!

–DOLFIN Member, FinTech Client


DOLFIN is an easy-to-use, cost-effective, one-stop-shop for our entire institution’s FCC training needs.

–DOLFIN Member


DOLFIN’s resources make complex government-issued guidance, policies, and Executive Orders easy to understand and digest for our entire staff.

–DOLFIN Member


With all this information in one place, we aren’t spending hours researching various government websites.

–DOLFIN Member


Our team can easily obtain internally required continuing education and training credit hours and maintain awareness of AML developments.

–DOLFIN Member


The Regulatory Roundup is an amazing summary! For years I had to build a spreadsheet to keep track of some of the global developments. This is a brilliant summary. 

–DOLFIN Member, Global Risk Management Firm

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