What is DOLFIN?

The Dedicated Online Financial Integrity Network (DOLFIN) is an e-learning platform and online workspace that offers comprehensive Counter-Illicit Finance (CIF) and Financial Crimes Compliance (FCC) educational resources and risk management tools to mitigate your institution’s FCC risk. DOLFIN delivers training, testing, certification, and continuing education solutions to meet enterprise-wide risk management needs in an intuitive and easily deployed user interface.

Brought to you by K2 Integrity, DOLFIN reflects the expertise of senior financial crimes risk and compliance professionals, including experts who spearheaded the post 9/11 counter-illicit finance regime in the United States and globally. We have our pulse on evolving illicit financing risks and corresponding global standards and regulatory expectations. With DOLFIN, you can upskill your teams, cross-train your staff, and maintain the knowledge to address enterprise-specific risks.

Who is DOLFIN for?
  • Financial institutions of all sizes
  • Non-bank financial institutions, including money service businesses and investment firms
  • New payment providers, financial technology firms, and virtual asset exchanges
  • Government authorities, including financial intelligence units, prosecutors, and supervisory and law enforcement agencies
  • Exporters, importers, and other businesses involved in cross-border transactions or those managing global supply-chain risks
  • Individual financial crimes compliance and counter illicit finance (FCC/CIF) professionals
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Media and investigative professionals
  • Academia and institutions who offer FCC/CIF training

What do we mean by “financial integrity community”?

The financial integrity community includes:

  • Individuals and entities in the private sector engaged in “financial crimes compliance” (FCC) activities, including those responsible for monitoring, detecting and addressing financial crimes risk and complying with global standards and local laws, regulations, and guidance designed to safeguard the financial system from use by illicit actors; and
  • Government authorities, multilateral organizations, and others engaged in “counter-illicit finance” (CIF) activities, including those responsible for setting standards and issuing and implementing laws, regulations, and guidance designed to safeguard the financial system from use by illicit actors.

What are the benefits of a DOLFIN subscription?

Interactive Training Center

  • Comprehensive Training Tailored to Your Audience or Challenge, including modules to address discrete compliance challenges for boards and senior executives, business lines, compliance, risk management, and audit functions.
  • Designed to Support a Culture of Compliance and deploy across the enterprise to manage a broad range of obligations and expectations.
  • Testing and Certification delivered in engaging, interactive, multi-media format to support enhanced knowledge and demonstrate proficiency in CIF/FCC topics to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Management Reporting, generated on demand, to evaluate staff engagement and competencies and completion.

Expertly Curated Resource Center

  • Interactive risk management tools for CIF/FCC professionals to help effectively mitigate risk.
  • Analytical insights from expert practitioners on emerging policy developments from around the world and the implications for your institution.
  • Comprehensive resources on AML/CFT, sanctions, fraud, ABC, and other CIF/FCC topics, providing timely and expert insights on global standards and considerations for practitioners.
  • Forward-looking podcasts, webinars, and videocasts featuring global industry experts addressing emerging risks and regulatory and policy changes.
  • Customizable content, capabilities, and functionality for enterprise clients.

Community Center (Coming Soon!)

  • Virtual collaboration and messaging space for financial integrity professionals around the world, including personalized feeds, and other dynamic features to create communities of interest where users can create and grow affinity groups to discuss shared, complex problems.
  • Tailored, virtual environments for enterprises to internally communicate and share information.
  • Customized daily news feed covering the latest and most salient financial integrity issues of the day.
  • Expert-led Q&A sessions on critical compliance issues.
  • Online calendar of upcoming events of interest to the financial integrity community.

What Online Training is available on DOLFIN?

DOLFIN currently offers fully customizable training, testing, and certification services on a full range of FCC/CIF topics that K2 Integrity has historically provided to private and public-sector clients around the world, including:

  • Courses to meet regulatory requirements. DOLFIN delivers best-in-class, expert-led foundational anti-money laundering and sanctions courses and more courses are on the way!
  • E-Learning Plans—or role-specific training and continuing education plans—to help enterprises mitigate compliance risks. Supervisors can assign ELPs designed by DOLFIN’s financial integrity experts and/or create custom ELPs for their staff based on DOLFIN content, their own material, or a combination.
  • Tests and assessments required to demonstrate knowledge and proficiency on financial crimes compliance topics. Enterprises can also deliver their own testing through the DOLFIN platform in both multiple choice and open answer format.
  • Certifications (coming soon) designed and delivered by in-house global experts using analytic frameworks that make K2 Integrity professional training unique in the market.

DOLFIN allows enterprises to quickly and easily configure e-Learning programs tailored to their specific needs. We can partner with you to design E-Learning Plans that will guide your users through a dynamic learning experience that includes written, audio, and video content, as well as knowledge checks and tests fully customizable to your enterprise needs.

What are E-Learning Plans?

E-Learning Plans are curated guides that provide role-specific or topic-specific training, continuing education, and other resources to help enterprises mitigate compliance risks. Supervisors can assign ELPs designed by DOLFIN’s financial integrity experts and/or create custom ELPs for their staff based on DOLFIN content, their own material, or a combination of both.

ELPs are assigned a specific number of hours of learning so that users and supervisors can monitor continuing education completion. ELP completion reports are available to supervisors for immediate download.

What topics do DOLFIN Courses and E-Learning Plans include?

The DOLFIN Training Center delivers courses, E-Learning Plans, and tests. The platform currently offers a foundational AML course and a foundational U.S. Sanctions course with more courses on the way. DOLFIN also offers multiple E-Learning Plans and empowers supervisors to go beyond what is provided and build out their own plans for their staff. By leveraging the materials in the DOLFIN Resource Center, E-Learning Plans can be developed to cover a vast array of topics and targeted scenario-based training. Topics might include:

  • BSA/AML/OFAC for new hires
  • Annual BSA/AML/TF course for all employees
  • Annual OFAC and Global Sanctions course for all employees
  • Correspondent Banking Risks
  • Trade Finance Risks
  • Retail Banking Risks
  • Know Your Customer
  • Sanctions Screening
  • AML Red Flags and SARS
  • Fraud
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption

How can DOLFIN’s E-Learning plans help your organization meet its continuing education requirements?

The following E-Learning Plans are currently available on DOLFIN:

  • AML Analyst
  • AML Manager
  • Sanctions Analyst
  • Sanctions Manager
  • First Line of Defense
  • Board and Senior Management
  • COVID-19

Supervisors can also create customized ELPs for their staff. Please reach out to our team via FINQuiry or your Relationship Manager for more information on enlisting the DOLFIN team to create custom ELPs specific to your institution’s needs.

What is included in the DOLFIN Resource Center?


  • Policy alerts: Analytical insights on breaking events, such as new sanctions or FCC regulatory changes, evolving policies, and emerging risk vectors.
  • Webinars: Timely live forums and panel discussions led by top FCC experts with deep experience addressing compliance professionals worldwide.
  • Podcasts In-depth discussions of critical financial integrity issues by world class experts at K2 Integrity and other global authorities.
  • Chairman’s Corner: Informative monthly video installments by financial crimes and counter-terrorism financing expert Juan Zarate, who provides his strategic perspective on topical events and current trends.
  • Training Videos: A one stop shop for all training videos across the platform.

FIN Library

  • Comprehensive and up-to-date reference materials on AML, CFT, sanctions, ABC, fraud, and other financial integrity topics, including:
    • AML/CFT vulnerabilities and typologies
    • Higher-risk gateway relationships, products, and customers
    • New financial and regulatory technologies
    • Sanctions program overviews on China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia and other high-risk jurisdictions
    • Advanced AML/CFT and sanctions issues
    • Lessons learned from enforcement actions against financial institutions
    • Key considerations for financial institutions to effectively address FCC risks
    • Comprehensive resources designed for public sector authorities, including supervisors, financial intelligence units, investigators, and prosecutors


  • Interactive applications to help compliance professionals easily track and implement evolving regulatory requirements, including a Red Flags Database, sanctions heat maps, and digital currencies map.
  • We’re also developing regulatory and enforcement trackers that will provide insights and actionable information on regulatory developments and enforcement actions globally.


  • Arm your entire enterprise with resources from K2 Integrity experts on managing risks in the COVID era. Our COVID-19 E-Learning Plan provides easy access to training, continuing education, and other resources for financial institutions on pandemic-related risks.

How Often Is Content Updated on DOLFIN?
  • Material developments in the CIF/FCC space are generally reflected on DOLFIN within one week, and often sooner. This includes major regulatory changes with a potential impact on financial institutions and other businesses. New content is also made available on a regular basis, particularly in FINHub, which regularly features new analysis and commentary, including webinars, policy updates and podcasts on topical and current events.
  • In addition, all content on DOLFIN is reviewed on a semi-annual basis to ensure that it accurately and completely reflects all relevant information for DOLFIN clients.

What is FINQuiry?

FINQuiry is your portal for accessing the K2 Integrity/DOLFIN team and asking questions on any issue related to financial crimes compliance. You can use FINQuiry to:

  • Ask an expert for guidance on your financial integrity questions
  • Provide DOLFIN content feedback
  • Provide DOLFIN product feedback (including suggesting new functionality)
  • Ask questions of our helpdesk/support team

“Ask an expert” questions might include:

  • What might the 2020 U.S. election mean for Cuba or Iran sanctions?
  • What are known typologies of countries avoiding sanctions?
  • What do recent changes to GDPR in Europe mean for AML compliance?
  • How has COVID-19 changed the threat landscape with regard to customer onboarding and due diligence?
  • What do the new Hong Kong sanctions mean for my business in the region?

The K2 Integrity team will host regular webinars where we answer your “ask an expert” questions!

What is the Community Center?

DOLFIN’s Community Center will be the premier online collaboration space for the financial integrity community. It will include:

  • Virtual collaboration and messaging space for financial integrity professionals around the world, including personalized feeds and other dynamic features to create, join, an grow communities of interest to discuss shared, complex problems.
  • Unique, dedicated environment for cross-sector and public-private partnerships to advance cooperation and information sharing.
  • Tailored, virtual environments for enterprises to internally communicate and share information.
  • Customized daily news feed covering the latest and most salient FCC/CIF issues of the day.
  • Expert-led Q&A sessions on critical financial crime risk and compliance issues.
  • Online calendar of upcoming events of interest to the FCC community.

Stay tuned for more updates as we seek community input on development of this exciting aspect of the DOLFIN platform.

What other support services are available to DOLFIN subscribers?

For 2020 and 2021, your Enterprise subscription to DOLFIN will include the following support services at complimentary or discounted rates:

  • FINQuiry Services: A mechanism on the DOLFIN platform for raising questions to K2 Integrity experts. DOLFIN will host regular webinars exclusive to the DOLFIN Subscriber community, during which K2 Integrity experts will provide answers to FINQuiry questions submitted by DOLFIN Subscribers. These sessions will also be recorded and made available on-demand to DOLFIN Subscribers.
  • Relationship Manager Support Services: Each Enterprise Subscriber will be assigned a Relationship Manager (RM) responsible for providing two hours of training to Enterprise managers and staff on how to use and navigate DOLFIN. RMs will also be on call to respond to technical questions about DOLFIN resources and training requiring direct and timely replies outside of FINQuiry services. Questions emailed directly to the RM and the DOLFIN Help Desk will receive a response within two business days.
  • DOLFIN Advisory Services: DOLFIN Advisory Services entail phone calls or video teleconference meetings on financial integrity issues of interest to enterprise clients. Each 2-hour call/meeting is preceded by an agreed-upon agenda and followed by a memorandum from K2 Integrity experts to the DOLFIN Enterprise Subscriber summarizing the relevant issues and advice. Examples of topics covered by DOLFIN Advisory Services include new sanctions or AML developments, programs, requirements, guidance, enforcement actions, or cases, or other topics addressed or raised in the DOLFIN Resource Center.
  • K2 Integrity Advisory Services: Enterprise Subscribers to DOLFIN will receive discounted rates for the full range of K2 Integrity Advisory Services with K2 Integrity experts who help global clients design, deploy, and manage complex projects and solve hard problems that demand trusted, credible financial integrity expertise. Such Advisory Services may include FCC/CIF risk assessments, gap analyses, program remediation, lookbacks, development of FCC policies and procedures, systems and controls deployment, model validation and optimization, and general program alignment with FCC/CIF global standards. Pricing will be determined based on the scope of the project.

What do I need to access DOLFIN?

To access DOLFIN you will need an

  1. internet connection and
  2. access to the DOLFIN site.

We perform regular testing of DOLFIN using desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices on the following operating systems and internet browsers. If you have trouble accessing DOLFIN or content on DOLFIN, please contact our support team at product@finintegrity.com or through FINQuiry.

  • Operating systems:
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Mac OS
    • Android
  • Internet browsers
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Apple Safari
    • Microsoft Edge

Some videos on DOLFIN require authentication with our video hosting platform (Panopto). DOLFIN will attempt to automatically log you into Panopto, however if you have pop-ups blocked, you may have to click on the video item to login. Please ensure you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge, and that you are not using incognito mode.

What websites do I need to be able to access? What websites do I need to ask my IT department to whitelist?

To experience the full range of resources in DOLFIN, you will require access to the following sites (you may have to request these be whitelisted by your IT organization):

  • DOLFIN Website
    • *.k2integrity.com
  • Recorded Webinars/Videos
    • *.panopto.com
  • Podcasts
    • *.soundcloud.com
    • *.megaphone.fm
  • Live webinars
    • *.webex.com
    • *.zoom.com

Email filtering can also occur at the institutional level with enterprise email filtering systems. Please reach out to your IT team and request that emails from DOLFIN@k2integrity.comno-reply@dolfin.k2integrity.cominfo@k2integrity.com and dolfin.media@archintel.com are added to your enterprise whitelist for incoming emails. Feel free to have your IT team reach out to us at DOLFIN@k2integrity.com if needed.

I am having trouble loading DOLFIN, what might cause the platform not to load?

If DOLFIN is not rendering correctly in your browser or not loading at all, please:

  • Confirm you have a functioning internet connection
  • Confirm you are using a supported browser (we suggest Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)
  • Refresh the page
  • Confirm you are at 100% zoom
  • Restart your browser, clear cookies (how to), return to DOLFIN
  • Attempt to view DOLFIN in another browser (to confirm it is not a network issue)

If you are still having difficulties viewing the site, please reach out to us at dolfin@finintegrity.com.

Where can I find more information on the K2 Integrity/DOLFIN training faculty or custom training services?

Please visit our Meet our Instructors page for biographies on all our training staff. Our Custom Training page outlines how you can go beyond training solutions offered on DOLFIN and enlist the K2 Integrity faculty for more customized or face-to-face offerings.

Is DOLFIN compatible with our enterprise LMS? Can I deliver DOLFIN content via our enterprise LMS?

DOLFIN is both a content management system (CMS) and a learning management system (LMS). DOLFIN can deliver and track enterprise learning, training and certification, but the platform can also compliment your existing LMS by delivering you content (library resources, on demand webinars, policy alerts and best-in-class courses) that you provide to users via your existing LMS. For more information contact us at dolfin@finintegrity.com.

I have not received my login information or password reset email from DOLFIN. What can I do?
  • New account emails and password reset emails sometimes get blocked from reaching your inbox due to email filters.
  • We suggest first checking “Junk Email” or “Spam” folders in your email client for emails from DOLFIN@finintegrity.com. If our emails are being filtered in this way, we suggest adding DOLFIN@finintegrity.com to your contacts and “safe sender” list or marking it as “not junk”.
  • This can also happen at the institutional level with enterprise email filtering systems. Please reach out to your IT team and request that emails from DOLFIN@finintegrity.com are added to your enterprise whitelist for incoming emails. Feel free to have your IT team reach out to us at DOLFIN@finintegrity.com if needed.
  • If you have reset your password or been notified you should have received account credentials and you have not received an email from DOLFIN@finintegrity.com, please reach out to your DOLFIN relationship manager or to the DOLFIN team DOLFIN@finintegrity.com.


Can I save or bookmark content on DOLFIN to read or review at another time?

To add a bookmark to material on DOLFIN, please:

  • Click the bookmark icon on the DOLFIN Toolbar

To review your previously saved/bookmarked materials, please:

  • Click “My Account” on the DOLFIN Toolbar and click on “Bookmarks”
  • The content will be organized by its placement on DOLFIN, and by the most recent publishing date.
  • You can remove bookmarks by clicking on the bookmark icon again at the top of page in question or clicking “remove” next to the item on the bookmark page.

What are the badges on FIN Library resources?

Some FIN Library resources might have a badge that marks the resources as “New” or “Updated”.

  • If the resource is newly published to the platform it will be shown as “New”.
  • If a resource has recently been updated, the “Updated” badge will reflect which module, chapter, and section has been updated.
  • These badges are typically shown for the first two weeks of being published or updated.
  • We are working on functionality to expose which paragraphs in a library chapter have been updated.

I’m new to DOLFIN. Where can I access resources to help with onboarding?

The DOLFIN Team has created a dedicated DOLFIN Onboarding E-Learning Plan as well as a Support Page to help with client onboarding and new platform updates. The DOLFIN E-Learning Plan is available in the Training Menu, under E-Learning Plans. The Support page can be accessed by clicking the Question Mark Icon on the DOLFIN Toolbar.

The Support page highlights and explains:

  • DOLFIN Onboarding E-Learning Plan
  • DOLFIN HELP Videos
  • FINQuiry

What is the DOLFIN Daily Digest?

The DOLFIN Daily Digest delivers a comprehensive news brief to your desk every morning on global AML/CFT, sanctions, export controls, ABC, and other financial integrity developments. It helps compliance professionals monitor regulatory developments, enforcement actions, and related news in the industry, from around the world.

  • The Daily Digest is presented in several different parts of DOLFIN:
    • The Homepage will profile a high profile news story each day. A link is provided to the DOLFIN Daily Digest for that day.
    • The archive of past DOLFIN Daily Digests can be accessed via the Toolkit, under the Resource Center menu. Our archive goes back to early November 2020.
    • Each article from the Digest is presented as a post in the Community Center. You can share the post with any Sub Communities you are a member of to start a conversation. You can also search the Community Center for all DOLFIN Daily Digest items back to mid-December.
  • When you open the current DOLFIN Daily Digest or an archived edition, the Table of Contents outlines the news within that specific day’s brief, sorted by topic. If you would like to see a specific article, click on the link within the Table of Contents. You will be redirected to a summary of the article and the link to the full article. Otherwise, you may scroll through the full news brief.

What are the benefits of Advanced Access-Beta in the Community Center?

Access to the Community Center is read only for non-beta users, but you can explore the general forum, including the DOLFIN Daily Digest posts.

  • The Community Center offers a premier space for collaboration, with open and closed “sub communities” or forums, where the financial integrity community can work together to tackle challenges.
  • Users can access the DOLFIN Daily Digest, a customized news feed, to seed conversations with developments in the counter illicit finance and financial crimes compliance (CIF/FCC) space.
  • Users can upload posts and share articles to start a conversation.
  • Users can filter and explore all posts in the Community Center.
  • Users are members of sub-communities, each with their own unique feed where members can create posts or upvote and comment on posts.

If interested in participating the Beta Program, please email product@k2integrity.com or reach out via FINQuiry.

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